Emergency Breakdown Assistance

Flat tyre? Engine steaming and car won’t start? We’re here to help - just give us a call on 0411 601 086

It’s always a good idea to save an emergency breakdown service phone number in your phone in case you do not have reception at a time when you might really need it.

All Mechanical Repairs

We take customer safety and care very seriously which is why we use only the best available parts, products and tools to repair your vehicle.

4WD Accessory Fitting

If you’re like our technician, your 4x4 is your pride and joy whether for work or pleasure, so why not accessorise to suit your needs?

Batteries & Testing

Is your vehicle getting harder to start in the mornings? Is it already completely flat? Your battery may be flat due to a number of reasons including wiring issues, the alternator not charging correctly or simply down to battery failure.

We can come to wherever you are to test your battery and fix the problem to get you on the move again.


Is that pesky warning light on your dash not disappearing? We have the perfect Snap-on scan tool to diagnose the problem so we can fix it before it gets out of hand.  No warning light but you know something is wrong? Ignoring early warning signs and delaying mechanical repairs can be very costly. Buzzing, grinding, vibrating and knocking is your cars’ way of saying ‘fix me’! Prevent inconvenient breakdowns and larger than necessary bills by having a diagnostics test done right away.

Electrical Accessory Installations

Is your current speaker system just not cutting the mustard? Need a dash cam or reverse camera installed?  Want to keep your groceries cold on a long trip? We can satisfy you by being able to install any electrical accessories you desire.

Exhaust Repairs & Upgrades

Coming soon...

Minor & Major Servicing

Coming soon...

Pre-Purchase & Pre-Trip Inspections

When purchasing a used vehicle, things like age, mileage and price generally are the biggest decision-making factors, but unforeseen and ongoing costs are often forgotten.

Private & Fleet Servicing

Coming soon...

Radiator & Cooling Systems

The primary function of the cooling system is to maintain optimum operating temperature by circulating coolant through the engine. Excessive engine heat can cause costly engine damage and on the other hand, running the engine cold for too long can cause premature wear, excessive fuel consumption and emissions.

If you come across any warning signs like coolant marks on the floor or notice a loss of power or fluctuating temperature readings, it’s safest not to drive your vehicle until the problem is fixed.

Safety Certificates

You are required by law to acquire a safety certificate before offering a registered vehicle for sale or when re-registering a vehicle.

Suspension & Brakes

Coming soon...

Warranty & Log Book Servicing

We will gladly beat any dealership or private quote you have for maintenance or log book servicing!

We are certainly not limited to what you see on this website.
If you have a project or any mechanical queries for any type of vehicle, please contact us to see how we can help.

We also offer clients with a complete onsite diagnostic service to detect any lingering or potential issues with your vehicle.

0411 601 086