A pre-purchase inspection is the most vital stage of buying a second-hand car.

When purchasing a used vehicle, things like age, mileage and price generally are the biggest decision-making factors, but unforeseen and ongoing costs are often forgotten. It’s easy to see scratches and dents, but it’s important to have a professional determine whether a vehicle is in good, safe working condition.

Before making a purchase, we highly recommend our technician perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection to identify any underlying problems as well as any future problems likely to occur due to poor maintenance or general wear & tear. We will uncover any hidden structural faults caused by previous accidents and a thorough check of the vehicle’s mechanical systems, engine, interior and exterior will be completed before a test-drive. You will then receive a detailed written report of any findings.

You can’t lose!

Should your pre-purchase inspection identify any issues with the vehicle you are hoping to acquire, you have the option of leaving that car behind to find another. If, however, the findings aren’t as serious as that, you may be able to negotiate with the seller for a reduced price.

Of course, if no issues are identified, you can drive away with the peace of mind that you’ve purchased a safe vehicle and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars.

We also offer clients with a complete onsite diagnostic service to detect any lingering or potential issues with your vehicle.

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Pre-Trip Inspections

Going on a road trip is usually very exciting. You most likely have a checklist for your clothes and equipment so why not one for your vehicle? Getting a pre-trip inspection done dramatically reduces your chances of having breakdowns or other dramas while on the road allowing you to make it to your destination or next pitstop comfortably.

We’ll be able to identify any worn or damaged parts and let you know of what needs to be rectified before departing on your journey so you and your family remain safe and happy.